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Functional Health Specialist

At no point in time should you accept ongoing pain or health issues or even simple malaise as part of life. Whatever your age we can together take control and ensure that you thrive and retain vitality to enjoy what matters!


Whether you just want to feel better or whether you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, a functional medicine approach may be the answer. Perhaps you have been given some form of diagnosis but no solutions or perhaps you have had tests but simply don’t understand or know what is wrong with you but you know you do not feel as well as you should, we together do the detective work to uncover where and why your body is not functioning properly.


I use an entirely science-based approach to healthcare that identifies and addresses the root cause of your problems rather than just treating symptoms. What is functional medicine?

  • I am thorough and ask the right questions;

  • I minimise or avoid the need for costly testing (if needed - testing is carefully targeted);

  • I take the time to listen carefully to you and your history before devising a treatment plan to meet your individual needs;

  • I don't impose unneccesarily restrictive diets or impractical lyfestyle changes;

  • I keep things simple but am happy to take the time to explain;

  • I am growing a community in which clients and members can learn more about functional medicine and take control of their own health journey.

Meet Live Long and Prosper
Why Naturopathy

What I can help with

Optimal ageing and longevity

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I really couldn't recommend Rebecca highly enough. I've seen countless therapists across several disciplines for the past 20 years and none of them have been able to provide the long-term relief from back pain and sciatica that Rebecca has for me. Her understanding of the nervous system is second-to-none, which allows her to consistently find the root cause of the problem with cutting edge therapies. Leaving no stone unturned... if you're interested in the detail like I am, Rebecca patiently answers all the questions you might have about your treatment and how it works. Importantly, you always feel you're being listened to; indeed, feedback is something Rebecca actively seeks between treatments, which gives the entire process an interactive feel.

5 Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Kerry Pogue - IT entrepreneur

How it works

How it works

In my professional view, effective treatment requires a managed programme. I want the best and the quickest results for you. The different packages I offer reflect differing levels of support and professional time spent working with you and for you.

All packages are available for one-off payment or with a payment plan. However, I am happy to discuss bespoke programmes and different options. If you are unsure of which package is best for you please arrange an exploratory call.

As soon as you purchase a programme or plan online you will be contacted to arrange your first consultation. If you prefer you can purchase directly through me, offline, by arranging a call.

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